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As we are convinced that the practice of canoe-kayak can be universal, the Amadonsa team has put in place several development programs in Africa, where it is still a marginal activity.

Because of its origins the team first initiated the foundation of a club in South Africa (in Bethlehem/Free State) and the set up of a regional competition circuit.

While continuing to support existing projects the Amadonsa group now wishes to develop canoe-kayak in Togo, where there is a real opportunity to establish a long term project thanks to Benjamin Boukpeti’s third place at the Olympic Games: the first Olympic medal in the history of Togo.

Due to these different engagements the athletes of the Amadonsa team have to go to Africa on a regular basis to train, support local clubs and share their passion for sport with young kayakists who often come from poor backgrounds.

Development programs